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A Happy Wife is a Happy Life

Are you confused and insecure about your marriage and about your man?


Do you wish that he would just listen to you and “get you”?


Is he constantly trying to fix problems instead of validate your feelings?


Do you feel like the closer you try to get to him, the further he seems to push away?


It may not be your fault.


For the men that I work with, it is really difficult for them to admit that there is a problem going on in their marriages, let alone seek out a counselor to get help. Many times, their caring wives and girlfriends know there is a problem going on, but can't convince their partner to seek counseling. This can be frustrating for women who fear that without counseling, the relationship will drift away.


Your husband doesn't want to come in, so why don't you come in? Let a male therapist help translate your husband for you. I want to empower you to get the relationship that you want. Together, we'll learn how to develop more trust, intimacy and connection with your man.


Women often end up feeling disappointed and let down because their guy doesn't match up to their fantasy, which is to have a man automatically know what they want and need. It's a myth.


Men and women often communicate differently, and my role is to help you to communicate your feelings and needs in a way that your boyfriend or husband “hears” you. By communicating more effectively, you may find that your willing boyfriend or husband wants to meet your needs.


I know that you want your guy to stop doing the bad behaviors that make your relationship worse, and want him to start with new behaviors that create a more satisfying relationship.


I also work with women to:

  • discover what their needs are, and get them met
  • feel good about themselves
  • get angry effectively
  • to stop “people pleasing” and say ʻnoʼ

    Call me today, and we can chat about how to get you happy again, whether thatʼs in your relationship or in your life.

    Call me at 602.309.0568 or click here to set up an appointment.

    I'd like to help you.