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Stop worrying about your relationship,
and feel in control of it again.

Do you find your marriage or relationship partner difficult to deal with these days? 


Are you scared that your marriage or relationship is slowly turning for the worse, and not sure what to do?


You love her, and you want to fix your marriage or relationship. Maybe you simply want to decide if this is a relationship that’s meant for you or not. After all, there’s been so much fighting and arguing, especially over the small stuff, that it’s exhausted you and left you feeling hopeless. You’ve thought about counseling, maybe for a while now, but haven’t yet taken that first step.


Sometimes, it can be totally confusing to be in a relationship or marriage. You may feel stuck and not know what to do or say. Words come out wrong, and you find yourself saying things to her that you don't truly mean. Or, like a lot of men, maybe you just avoid falling into the “talking and fighting” cycle, and end up saying nothing at all. This distances you both even more from each other. It's tough to know what she's thinking sometimes, and even tougher to know if this relationship will ultimately last. 


But, you really want it to, because you’re not ready to give up on her, or on your relationship. She wants more from you, but it’s hard to know what those things are, let alone how to give her the you she wants. You want to make her happy again, get happy yourself, and bring the fun and ease back like when you first were dating. With all the arguing, that all seems like a long way away now.

Stop hiding your pain, and finally get the help you need.
Let me help give your quiet suffering a voice.


What I know is that it's normal to be torn between staying and going. Your heart and head are in constant battle.The feelings keep building, and you want to make the best decisions you possibly can, but sometimes, relationships require more that just a usual fix. You know how to solve most everything else, so why, do you ask, can I not fix this?
I work with men just like you who are struggling in their marriages or their relationships, and want more happiness, peace of mind, and less distance and conflict. I want to work with you to figure out what’s broken, and set a treatment plan to get you and her back to good again.

Some guys can’t talk to their friends about these kinds of things, and need an objective, third party to trust with these things. They want better tools to use in their relationship or marriage, and want to feel successful and like they’re winning again. This is where my practice can help. Phoenix Men’s Counseling works specifically with smart guys like yourself who want real results.


My name is Jason Fierstein, and I’m a counselor and therapist in Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in working with guys just like you to get "in synch" with their wives and girlfriends, and to develop happier and more fulfilling relationships, and better lives. 



Don't struggle alone — I'd like to help. Set up an appointment now. Call me at 602.309.0568, email me, or book an online appointment above through the big green button. I look forward to working with you.

Gay Counseling

At Phoenix Men’s Counseling, gay and same sex couples and same are welcome. A good gay counselor in Phoenix will work with you to identify the areas in your life that create difficulty for you. Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC helps with coming out, issues for gay men, premarital counseling for same sex couples, and men’s issues. As a same sex couples therapist in Phoenix, Jason understands the unique issues related to gay counseling, and offers compassionate, professional therapy services to the gay community.



According to The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), about six million American men suffer from depression every year. Depressed men can have a hard time asking for help. Men and depression are linked to other psychological and personal problems, such alcoholism, domestic violence, anxiety, cheating and infidelity. When looking for mental health clinics in Phoenix, it’s important to make sure that depression is their speciality, so that you know you’ll be helped quickly. Depression counseling, along with good antidepressant medication, can be an effective treatment for the alleviation of depressed feelings, or just feeling blue. Phoenix Men’s Counseling works with men to feel happy, less depressed and to help get back into their lives.



Are you feeling anxious? Chest pain stress is sometimes anxiety or anxious feelings trying to communicate with you. Signs of stress may include anxiety, worrying or worrisome thoughts, angry feelings, stress pain sweating, or having an anxiety attack. You may have a generalized anxiety disorder that needs therapy. Social anxiety and anxiety disorders are effectively treated with both psychotherapy and medication for anxiety. Choosing a counselor for anxiety in Phoenix, you can get help with your anxiety problems quickly. Learn stress management, relaxation techniques and coping skills to help reduce your anxious feelings. Even though exercise reduces stress, anxiety counseling can help in a different way. As a Phoenix EMDR therapist, Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC. is trained to work with anxiety and trauma to help you cope.


Anger Management

Men and anger is a widespread problem. Mad men have had a hard time dealing with anger management and controlling their anger. Angry people destroy relationships, and are often depressed or anxious. An angry face usually is the window to hidden pain and frustration. Road rage had become a widespread problem. Anger management techniques can be learned, and anger management skills can be implemented when you work with a counselor for anger. A Phoenix anger counselor like Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC, can help you deal with cooling frustration and feeling upset.


Premarital Counseling

It can be important to know what premarital counseling questions to ask: are we going to feel comfortable with the therapist? Which goals will help us to develop a happy marriage? What skills are needed to prevent fighting, conflict, and divorce? As a newlywed couple, good communication skills are critical to the overall success of a new marriage. Many other pre marriage questions can be answered by a licensed professional counselor who specializes in Phoenix premarital counseling. Working with a good Phoenix therapist, engaged couples will find that couples therapy is a good investment. Pre marriage counseling is, of course, not just for couples having problems; it’s good for proactive couples, too.


Marriage Counseling

With relationship counseling, creating the right “fit” with your marriage counselor is very important. A good couples counselor will help you to get clarity on the decision to work on your marriage or relationship, or whether ending it should be considered. Divorce counseling is needed, at times, for some relationships when couples just can’t stay together. When looking a relationship counselor in Arizona, it’s important to create a treatment plan based on your common goals as a couple, so you can really maximize the investment that is made in a healthy relationship or marriage. Divorce tips and divorce advice from friends and family is good, but you really need a licensed professional counselor in Arizona to help you along. There is a lot to consider: how will divorce affect the children, finances after the divorce, dating after divorce, etc. Speak with a Phoenix couples counselor like Jason, and make your appointment today.