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Stop worrying about your relationship, and feel in control of it again.

Do you find your marriage or relationship partner difficult to deal with these days?

Are you scared that your marriage or relationship is slowly turning for the worse, and not sure what to do?

You love her, and you want to fix your marriage or relationship. Maybe you simply want to decide if this is a relationship that’s meant for you or not. After all, there’s been so much fighting and arguing, especially over the small stuff, that it’s exhausted you and left you feeling hopeless. You’ve thought about counseling, maybe for a while now, but haven’t yet taken that first step.

Sometimes, it can be totally confusing to be in a relationship or marriage.You may feel stuck and not know what to do or say. Words come out wrong, and you find yourself saying things to her that you don't truly mean. Or, like a lot of men, maybe you just avoid falling into the “talking and fighting” cycle, and end up saying nothing at all. This distances you both even more from each other. It's tough to know what she's thinking sometimes, and even tougher to know if this relationship will ultimately last.

But, you really want it to, because you’re not ready to give up on her, or on your relationship. She wants more from you, but it’s hard to know what those things are, let alone how to give her the you she wants. You want to make her happy again, get happy yourself, and bring the fun and ease back like when you first were dating. With all the arguing, that all seems like a long way away now.

What I know is that it's normal to be torn between staying and going. Your heart and head are in constant battle. The feelings keep building, and you want to make the best decisions you possibly can, but sometimes, relationships require more that just a usual fix. You know how to solve most everything else, so why, do you ask, can I not fix this?

I work with men just like you who are struggling in their marriages or their relationships, and want more happiness, peace of mind, and less distance and conflict. I want to work with you to figure out what’s broken, and set a treatment plan to get you and her back to good again.

Some guys can’t talk to their friends about these kinds of things, and need an objective, third party to trust with these things. They want better tools to use in their relationship or marriage, and want to feel successful and like they’re winning again. This is where my practice can help. Phoenix Men’s Counseling works specifically with smart guys like yourself who want real results.

Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC

My name is Jason Fierstein, and I’m a counselor and therapist in Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in working with guys just like you to get "in synch" with their wives and girlfriends, and to develop happier and more fulfilling relationships, and better lives.

Don't struggle alone — I'd like to help. Set up an appointment now. Call me at 602.309.0568, email me, or book an online appointment. I look forward to working with you.