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Disclaimer and Privacy Notice

Welcome to my site. I appreciate your interest in seeking counseling services and products

with me.

My name is Jason Fierstein, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a Master’s degree in counseling psychology. In my practice, I work with men, women, and couples who are struggling in their relationships and in other parts of their lives. I am affiliated with the Arizona Counseling Association locally, and am licensed (AZ-11914) through the State of Arizona.

The information you see on my website, and download or receive through my newsletter is information only. It is not a cure or a promise to solve you of your problems. The purpose of the information is to provide you with information and for marketing purposes.

If you decide to sign up on this site, and provide your contact information, that information will not be shared, distributed, sold or otherwise given away for any reason. It is confidential information that I have for the purposes of information gathering and marketing.

By signing up and providing me with your contact information, you give me permission to send you newsletter updates and offers for other products and services that my business offers.

There is no charge for this information you are receiving on my website. Only if you choose to enter into counseling with me will costs be incurred.

Lastly, these items are important for you to know:

  1. In general, communication between a counselor and his or her client are confidential. But, you are not my client until we have a formal intake session, and at this point, you have not agreed to any counseling relationship. There are certain situations defined by law which are exceptions to this rule.

  2. I have a duty to warn and protect regarding serious threats to yourself or others

  3. In general, communications between a counselor and his or her client are confidential. There are certain situations defined by law which are exceptions to this:

  • Counselors are mandated to report child abuse, elder abuse and handicapped abuse, or for any vulnerable populations in general.

  • Information relating to the need for hospitalization, child custody, or a situation in which a client raises his or her mental and emotional condition as an element of a claim or defense in a lawsuit is not protected of confidentiality.

  • When the client has communicated to the counselor an actual threat of death or serious bodily injury upon a reasonably identified person and the client has the apparent intent and ability to carry out the threat, the counselor is required to take steps to protect the victim.

  • If the counselor believes that the client presents a substantial risk to himself or herself, the law permits the counselor to breach confidentiality in order to contact the client’s family or others to assist in protecting the safety of the client.

  • Because I use a cell phone when I set up your appointments and communicate with you, I cannot always guarantee your privacy. Although I take every measure to ensure that your privacy is safe when communicating with you over the cell phone, you must understand that there is the risk of unsecured conversation. Again, I strive to ensure complete confidentiality.

  1. I will maintain confidentiality of everything disclosed or discussed by you over e-mail or telephone communications.

Thank you for reading this statement. I value your privacy, and enjoy producing this informational content for you to enjoy.


Call me at 602.309.0568 or click here to set up an appointment.

I'd like to help you.