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counseling for depressed guysI often get asked about the process of counseling, and how to maximize value from counseling sessions. I've put together a list of things that my successful clients practice to help them get the most out of counseling.

  • They know that it's time to make a change, and they're willing to make the commitment to work with me to do that
  • They understand that not missing scheduled appointments and showing up on time is part of the commitment it takes to be successful in counseling
  • They're self-motivated individuals, and are serious about improving their lives
  • They understand that therapy is an investment of time, money and energy
  • They're willing and able to invest financially in a better life and in better relationships
  • They understand that there's no magic bullet or miracle pill, but if they commit to working with me regularly, they will see changes happen over time
  • They value direct and honest feedback from me. To succeed in therapy, the minimum number is 6 to 8 sessions; however, if the problems are more complicated, and if deeper healing is required, therapy may take longer (six months or longer)



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The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) says that about six million American men suffer from depression every year. Depressed men generally have a hard time asking for help. Men and depression are linked to other psychological and personal problems, such alcoholism, domestic violence, anxiety, cheating and infidelity. When looking for mental health clinics in Phoenix, it’s important to make sure that depression is their speciality, so that you know you’ll be helped quickly. Depression counseling, along with antidepressant medication, can be effective treatments for the alleviation of depressed feelings, or feeling blue. Phoenix Men’s Counseling works with men to feel happy, less depressed and to get back into their lives.



Feeling anxious? Chest pain stress is sometimes anxiety or anxious feelings communicating with you. Signs of stress include anxiety, worrying or worrisome thoughts, angry feelings, stress pain sweating, or having an anxiety attack. You may have a generalized anxiety disorder that needs therapy. Social anxiety and anxiety disorders are effectively treated with both psychotherapy and medication for anxiety. Choosing a counselor for anxiety in Phoenix, you can get help with your anxiety problems quickly. Learn stress management, relaxation techniques and coping skills to help reduce your anxious feelings. Even though exercise reduces stress, anxiety counseling can help in a different way. As a Phoenix EMDR therapist, Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC. is trained to work with anxiety and trauma to help you cope.