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Counseling for Men

  • Learn better communication
    with your wife/ girlfriend
  • Feel more appreciated
  • Get “in sync” again with her
  • Break the “suffer in stoic silence”
  • Generate energy, fun and laughter
  • Lower stress and reduce tension
  • Less “thinking too much” about
    your problems - get out of
    your head
  • Get help for your depression
    & start feeling better
  • Stop avoiding!
  • Be more productive on the job
  • Cool your angry feelings
  • Get the respect you deserve
    from others

Couples Counseling

  • For less arguing
  • Why do men cheat?
  • Improve communication
  • Stop the game playing and harsh words
  • Create time to relate aside from
    your hectic work schedules
  • Spark your sex life
  • Rekindle the dating experience
  • Make more opportunities to
    laugh together
  • Prevent breakup or divorce
  • Learn how to please your mate
  • Build solid trust
  • Premarital counseling
  • Figure out if your relationship is working for you
  • Start to fight fair!

Other Services

"I have been seeing counselors for years and you were able to help resolve my issue in only six weeks. I will be forever grateful for that. You did in only a few weeks what no one else could do in years of therapy"

~ Deb, Tempe




*Disclaimer: Counseling is not a cure or a solution to your problems, nor can your problems be solved in six sessions. Please be advised that counseling does not promise that immediate cure or fix for your problems, but that counseling is different for everyone, and may take longer than other clients' counseling experiences.


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