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Know What You Want and Communicate It

A lot of effective communication is having an idea of what you want and need. For many, this is a tall order. Watch this 6-minute video on questions you can ask yourself to help you craft clarity before speaking to others. Continue reading

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Why It’s Critical for Men to Speak From Their Emotions

Tweet The emotional realm is not a familiar one for most men, and this is unfortunate, because it greatly limits our ability to develop and deepen both the relationships with ourselves, and those in our lives. It’s our emotions that … Continue reading

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Better Ways to Listen

Tweet This month, we’re talking about how to improve communication, beginning with last week’s post on 12 foolproof communication skills for couples. This post is a continuation of the communication theme by focusing on better ways to listen. We hear, but are … Continue reading

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12 Foolproof Communication Skills for Couples

Tweet The right words open up a conversation, and strengthen a relationship. But what happens when you choose the wrong words? Disagreement, assumptions, reactivity and missed opportunities arise, and you’re left ten steps back. It gets worse: over time, negative … Continue reading

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