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Get Assertive and Stand Up For Yourself

Tweet The theme of anger will dominate this month’s blog posts, because so many men deal so ineffectively with it. I thought the best idea to write about was learning to get assertive instead of angry and/or stuffing it, three … Continue reading

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Better Ways to Listen

Tweet This month, we’re talking about how to improve communication, beginning with last week’s post on 12 foolproof communication skills for couples. This post is a continuation of the communication theme by focusing on better ways to listen. We hear, but are … Continue reading

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12 Foolproof Communication Skills for Couples

Tweet The right words open up a conversation, and strengthen a relationship. But what happens when you choose the wrong words? Disagreement, assumptions, reactivity and missed opportunities arise, and you’re left ten steps back. It gets worse: over time, negative … Continue reading

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