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Considering Divorce: Things to Think About

Tweet If you’re considering divorce, I want to present several things to think about that may or may not be factors in your decision to do so. Divorce is not an easy decision, especially if you have a long marital … Continue reading

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Ready for Divorce

Tweet Are you ready for divorce? Have you really considered it, or is it an emotional reaction to a troubling situation with your spouse/partner. Here are 7 questions to ask yourself if you’re considering divorce: Do you know why you … Continue reading

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Living Between Two Women

The reasons for cheating and infidelity are myriad, and once men find themselves having an extramarital affair, they often get stuck in that nether land between admitting it to their wives and ending it with their other partners. A lot of guys get stuck in end up not making a decision. These tips provide some food for thought if you’re struggling with living between two women. Continue reading

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