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The Emotionally Available Man

Tweet As men, being in touch with our emotions is critical. It can be the deciding factor between success and failure for yourself in the areas of relationships, friends, dating and marriage, career and personal health and happiness. Unfortunately, there … Continue reading

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The Emotional Impact of Absent Fathers

Tweet Whether physically or emotionally unavailable, the emotional impact of absent fathers on men cannot be understated. So much of how we define ourselves – for better or for worse – reflects our relationships (or lack thereof) with our fathers … Continue reading

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Maybe Your Wife Feels Rejected by You?

Tweet If you’re avoiding or withdrawing from your wife or girlfriend, it’s quite probable that she feels rejected or abandoned by you. If your wife feels rejected by you, it’s important to start to deal with it, rather than avoid … Continue reading

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Stuffing Your Emotions

Tweet “I come from a family of stuffers,” I had someone tell me recently. “We all stuff our emotions.” This statement didn’t surprise me, because I hear this a lot as a men’s counselor, but it made me think about … Continue reading

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Why It’s Critical for Men to Speak From Their Emotions

Tweet The emotional realm is not a familiar one for most men, and this is unfortunate, because it greatly limits our ability to develop and deepen both the relationships with ourselves, and those in our lives. It’s our emotions that … Continue reading

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