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How to Deal with Feeling Inferior

Tweet Along with powerlessness, feeling inferior is one of the most difficult experiences a man can have. When you deal directly with feeling inferior, this rips off any facade or structure that you have built to convince others of the … Continue reading

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How to Build More Confidence

Tweet Confidence is an inside job. There are situations and people that can affirm you, boost you up, and make you feel confident, but people and situations come and go, and the steady stream of confidence you’re used to getting … Continue reading

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Dad Bods: A New Phenomenon?

Tweet I just finished speaking on the topic of dad-bods on Huffington Post Live: you can see the short video here. Dad bods are the response to the male model physique, and there seems to have been a minor movement picked … Continue reading

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Taming the Negative Self-Critic

Tweet Most people don’t know it’s always there, because they take it for granted. It’s that little voice inside, constantly evaluating, criticizing and shaming you. It’s the annoying voice of evaluation that prevents you from finding spontaneity or freedom in … Continue reading

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How to Define Personal Success

A post about defining personal success, and challenging some of the definitions of success that we have been given from growing up, from the media, from our peers, and from outside sources. By the counselor and therapist for men and couples in Phoenix, Arizona, Jason Fierstein. Continue reading

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Increasing Your Self-Confidence for Men

How to improve your self-confidence first to improve your marriage, your work, and your relationship with yourself. By Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC, the “man that men will talk to,” in Phoenix, Arizona. Continue reading

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