We’re living in uncertainty together right now, and this time is unprecedented for everyone.

We’re anxious about keeping our jobs, concerned about the health and well-being of our family members, and trying to keep it all together while living together under one roof for an unknown period of time. What to do?

You’re also trying to juggle and manage a household that’s together 24/7. You probably weren’t ready to do this, and to be so close to your family members for an extended period has numerous difficulties.

It’s stressful keeping everything and everyone going, from working at home in close quarters, to making sure your kids are attended to well, to keeping the “domestic bliss” between you and your significant other. You’re also bored, and trying to maintain your sanity at the same time. It’s a lot.

I know it’s concerning to pursue new things right now, but this would actually be an ideal time to start video therapy. Also, you have the option of starting therapy over video now, and then meeting in person in our office when the time is right and we’re back to normal life. We’re located right here in midtown Phoenix off of Camelback Road, so we’re “just around the corner” when we can meet in person.

Why Video Counseling Now?

  • Convenient, in-your-home counseling option
  • Stress, worry and anxiety are peaking right now
  • Need an outlet to talk, and need to process all the emotions coming up
  • Uncertainty is overwhelming you
  • An action you can take to do to cope with your difficult, powerless situation
  • “Forced reflection” periods have you thinking about your situation, and changes you’d like to make
  • Can’t ignore what’s been going on at home, in yourself, in your marriage or relationship anymore
Online Therapy

Does online therapy work/is it as effective?

It does work, and it is as effective, yes. Although the ideal would be to see each other in person, video sessions are a great way to work effectively on the issues that matter to you most. We can still have the “prescence” on video that matters in face-to-face sessions. It’s not as intimidating as you might think, and the technology is fairly easy to use. There is no additional software to download or figure out - you just get a link to mine at the time of the session.

How does it work?

We email you with a link to a secure network through our private video conferencing program, Simple Practice, 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. We initiate the link at the time of the session, and we’re ready. We’ll see you in the privacy of your own home, from the privacy of our office.

Will it be covered by insurance?

You’ll need to contact your specific insurance provider to know this, and ask them about out-of-network benefits, as well as telehealth or video counseling reimbursement specifically. Many insurance plans are now accepting video or online therapy for reimbursement during this time. We can email you a reimbursement form after each session that you can turn in to your insurance provider. Again, please contact your provider for more specifics on your mental health insurance plan.

We care about you and your family’s health - physical, mental and emotional - and wish you and yours safety, security and hope during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Please call us at 602.309.0568 to schedule an appointment, or if you have questions or are curious about video sessions and aren’t quite ready to book yet. If you’re ready, you can also conveniently book an initial online video appointment here.

I look forward to working with you.

Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC